April 18, 2013

Race Recaps + Workouts

Here you will find a collection of workouts compiled over the last few years. Enjoy!


Body Weight Workouts

Vacation Workout 

Total Body Weight Workout

Paper Plate Workout

Deck of Cards Workout

Abs ‘n Arms Burner

25 Minute Total Body Workout 

Bodyweight Countdown Workout 

AMRAP Total Body Workout

Pyramid Workout

Holiday Workout 


Total Body Workouts

3-2-1 Workout

Heart Pumping 30 Minute Workout

Winter Weather Circuit 

MedBall Challenge

Tabata Tuesday #1

Tabata Tuesday #1

Tabata Tuesday #2

Tabata Tuesday #3

Tabata Tuesday #4

Tabata Tuesday #5


Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Strength Workout

Core and Arm Workout 

Shaky Shoulder Workout

Upper Body Bootcamp

Shoulder and Ab Superset

15’s Workout

Arm and Ab Circuit Workout 

Stability Ball Workout 


Core Workouts

Tabata Ab Workout

Tabata Core Workout 

Core Conditioning

Quick Core Workout


Running Workouts

5 Mile Sprint Workout

Speed Workout 

Speed Workout #2

5-10-15-20 Treadmill Workout 

Beat Treadmill Boredom

Speed Workout

30 Minute Running Workout 

5-4-3-2-1 Workout

3 Mile Bootcamp Workout


Crossfit Inspired Workouts

21-15-9 Workout 

Workout of the Day 

500 Workout 

BodeeFit Workout

Every Minute in the Minute- 10 Minute Workout

Crossfit Inspired Workout 

AMRAP Workout

crossfit inspired workout

Lower Body Workouts

Firecracker Leg Workout 

20 Minute Leg Workout

Heart Pumping Lower Body Workout


Other Workouts

Fit Test 

Swim Workout

Spinning Workout

deck of cards workout


  1. […] inspired me to be more active and live a healthy life!  She LOVES to run marathons (seriously check out all of the races she’s done) and travels to different states throughout the year.  This year she is even training for the Half […]

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