June 13, 2017

Ironman WI 70.3: The Bike


After the swim, wetsuit strippers were willing and ready to help pull those suckers off, which is always such a big help. It was about a .25 mile run up to the transition area, which I took slow and steady, trying to catch my breath from the swim. I knew I didn’t have my best swim but also knew I had to shake any negativity out of my head so I could focus on what was up ahead. I began to think about my transition, which I really wanted to work on this race. Once I got to my bike, I tried to be as speedy as I could!

Transition 1: 4:02 

The first few miles were along the Capital City Bike Path which is always slightly annoying because it doesn’t allow you to pass or go too fast. Once off the path, it is nothing but scenic country roads through the town of Oregon and Paoli, with some challenging climbs along the way. My goal was to take the first half easier than the second, getting through Paoli before kicking it up on the way back into town.

Looking back, I realized I should have pushed it harder on the bike based off of my heart rate zones, but overall I am still happy with how the ride went. I could definitely feel the heat right away and the winds were pretty strong the first half of the bike, but overall the weather was tolerable and could have been a lot worse.  Support on the course was great, although I didn’t rely or use any of the aid stations personally.

Biking has never been a strong area for me, and I am really trying to work on it this year, which isn’t always fun and definitely not easy. There were many times on the bike I questioned why I do these type of races…and the truth is, I don’t really have a solid answer to give. All I know is that nothing has ever pushed me, motivated me and challenged me more than triathlons do. The mental (and physical) highs and lows are never consistent or predictable, but that’s the “fun” of it all!


My goal for the bike was to consume 200-250 calories per hour, a total of 600-750 calories.

  • Within 45 minutes: 1/2 Bonk Breaker bar ~ 100 calories
  • Within first 90 minutes: 1 bottle of Infinit nutrition ~ 200 calories, half bottle of water. I tried to alternate every ten minutes between Infinit and water
  • At 90 minute mark: 1 gel ~ 100 calories
  • Within second 90 minutes: 1 bottle of Infinit nutrition ~200 calories, half bottle of water. I tried to alternate every ten minutes between Infinit and water

Once I hit the Alliant Energy Center and the bike trail back into town, I began to focus on what was next- the run!

  • Bike Goal Time: 3:09:50 ~ 17.7 mph
  • Actual Time: 3:08:05 ~17.86 mph
  • Division Rank: 20
  • Gender Rank: 106
  • Overall Rank: 630


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June 12, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin 70.3: Pre-race and Swim Recap


We did it! Scott and I finished 70.3 hot and windy miles yesterday, and we both had a blast doing it. On Friday we stopped down to the Ironman Village to pick up our packets with our race information and everything we needed for the race on Sunday.

IM Village just gets you pumped up, and I love the positive and motivating atmosphere. We spent a little over an hour there browsing the various booths at the outdoor expo and listening to the athlete briefing.

Since we were near downtown, we had to make a pit stop on our way home to the new Eno Vino . That view?! Gorgeous.

Saturday included a quick spin on our bikes to check everything over and dropping them off in transition for Sunday’s race! It never feels real until I dropped my baby off.

I slept surprisingly well (different story for Scott) and was ready to go when our alarm went off at 4am. I ate breakfast #1 (oatmeal, berries, banana) while sipping on coffee and triple checking my race gear bag. Before I knew it, it was 5am and we were hitting the road. On the way down I scarfed down breakfast #2 of toast, pb and banana and sipped on an electrolyte drink- feeling good so far!

By the time I got to transition, I had about 45 minutes to get everything situation and set up before I needed to be at our team tent for a group photo. I laid down my towel, placed my running shoes on one end with my race bib and directly in front of that I placed my bike shoes with a sock inside of each one. I filled up my bike tires, placed my helmet on top of my handle bars with sunglasses inside. I was ready to roll!

We had a total of 20 team members racing on Sunday which is just so awesome. After our team photo we started to line up for the swim. This year, athletes self-seeded themselves according to their expected swim finish time, so when the race officially started, athletes continuously flowed into the water. The groups were split up into projected finish times of:

  • Under 27 Minutes
  • 27-30 Minutes
  • 30-33 Minutes <—– Speedy Scott
  • 33-35 Minutes
  • 35-37 Minutes <—–Me
  • 37-40 Minutes
  • 40-43 Minutes
  • 43-46 Minutes
  • 46-50 Minutes
  • 50-55 Minutes
  • 55-60 Minutes
  • More than 60 Minutes

This actually was a really nice way to start the swim and didn’t feel too crowded. The water was calm for the most part, but on the way back it began to feel pretty choppy.


Overall, my swim was just okay. For one, I didn’t realize that our swim time started the second our feet touched the water. I (and other athletes around me) spent a good minute or two just walking out in shallow water to where I thought the race actually started. I also just couldn’t get in a groove for some reason…just one of those days maybe. I think I should’ve started up a little further (or maybe others should’ve started a little further back) because I found myself running into people a lot and it was hard to pass. I did well sighting and staying along the buoy line as planned, but still feel like I was a little slow. It also felt suuuper far…I can’t believe I swam double that last September. Yikes.

  • Swim Goal Time: 35:12 — 1:40/100yd
  • Actual Swim Time: 37:22 — 1:46/100yd
  • Division Rank: 32
  • Gender Rank: 179
  • Overall Rank: 658/2,542

Bike and run to come!


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