June 9, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin 70.3 Race Weekend: It’s Go Time!


Ahhh! I can’t believe our first Half Ironman of the season is already here! Weather looks like it’ll be a nice and cool (kidding, obviously) 90 degrees with 20mph winds… pray for us!

The race itself isn’t until Sunday, but preparation has already begun. This weeks workouts have all been done with Sundays race in mind…

Monday: 60 minute bike, flat course + 20 minute core workout

Tuesday: 40 minute open water swim

Wednesday: 45 minute track workout

Thursday: 30 minute open water swim, 75 minute bike with pickups

Today: 35 minute tempo run

Tomorrow: 20 minute bike to check everything over, 10 minute run

Today, Scott and I will head to Ironman Village in Madison to pick up our race packets and join the athlete briefing. The rest of the day and night we will get our gear bags organized and run through our race day strategies with each other.

On Saturday, we plan on staying inside and keeping cool most of the day with the exception of moving our legs in the morning at the Dane County Farmers Market and dropping off our bikes around noon. Dinner is the usual pre-race meal of grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus. Keep it simple, yo!

As far as race strategy and goals go for this race, it really is up in the air since the weather will play such a huge factor. That being said, this is the original plan and goal (including nutrition) my coach and I had in mind:

4:15AM: Wakeup, eat breakfast #1: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup berries, honey. Coffee with coconut oil

5:00: Head down to the race. Eat breakfast #2 on the way: two pieces of sourdough toast with 1/2 banana, peanut butter, honey

5:30-6:30: Get situated in transition, sip on electrolyte mix

6:30: Take a GU gel

7:00: Race starts!

*Goal swim time: 2,112 yard/1.2 miles= 35:12= 1:40/100 yds

First stretch to the corner buoy is about 800 yards, so my goal is to stay on the buoy line, making sure to sight. I’ll try to get in a nice rhythm and draft when possible, but do my best to avoid wearing myself out trying to chase someone down.

Fuel on the bike:
Consume 1/2 of a Bonk Breaker within first 30 minutes on the bike
1 bottle of Infinit Nutrition every 1.5 hours + water
GU #1 @1 hr
GU #2 @ 2hr
GU#3 @ 2:45

*Goal bike time: 56 miles= 3:09:50= 17.7 mph

Key is to pace myself on the bike to give a 100% effort on the run, making sure to work the flats properly, riding the ups with great strength and adjusting gearing as I climb. I’ll try to use the momentum on the down hills to gain free speed and stay in aero the entire ride unless I’m climbing. Hydrate at LEAST every 15 minutes, take fuel properly and don’t eat anything after mile 40.

Fuel on the run:
Sip on water/Gatorade every aid station
BASE Salt every mile
GU #1 @ :45
GU #2 @ 1:30

*Goal run time: 13.1 miles= 1:47= 8.10/mile

With the way this race starts with the rolling hills through the neighborhoods for 3-4 miles, my goal is to start with ease, keeping a quick cadence and keeping my HR in the lower Z3 so my legs are solid to handle the hills. If I pace it right, I should be able to negative split the second half with an 8 min/mile pace. From 6-13.1 the majority of the course is flat and down slope, however it is going to be quite warm so I need to make sure to hydrate at every water station and take nutrition as planned, maybe even a little earlier due to the heat.

Wish us luck!

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June 5, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin Training: Week 20

Whoa, the heat has arrived! Temps were in the mid 80’s all weekend, but I’m not complaining…until I have to race in a half ironman this Sunday. Looks like it’ll be 90 degrees with 21 mph winds…just peachy!

But I digress. This past weekend was so much fun hanging out with family and spending time with some college girlfriends at a bachelorette party in Minnesota. Annie is getting married at the end of June, and it’s all going to be beautiful!

We hopped around to some wineries and breweries during the day and hung around her family cabin on the lake at night. It was so perfect!

Last week workouts included the second open water swim of the season (still freezing) and riding the Wisconsin 70.3 course one more time before race day!



  • Off


  • 60 minute tempo run~ 7.3 miles
  • 30 minute open water swim


  • 75 minute bike~  23 miles
  • 30 minute run off the bike ~ 3.75 miles


  • 60 minute swim ~3,400 yards


  • 3:10 bike (rode 70.3 Wisconsin course) ~56 miles
  • 20 minute run off the bike ~ 2.78 miles


  • Off


  • 1:30 endurance run ~11 miles


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