September 8, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin: Goals


Honestly, I went back and forth whether or not I should share my goals for Ironman Wisconsin because I didn’t want to share them and fail to meet them. But the fact of the matter is, I am doing an Ironman, and finishing the damn race is an achievement, regardless. Plus, now I know you all know my deepest darkest secrets and that will be in the back of my mind when the going gets tough.

The Swim: 4224 Yards

2016 Time: 1:16:03 — 1:56/100 yards

2017 Projected Time: 1:13:00– 1:44/100 yards

Transition 1:

2016 Time: 9:33

2017 Projected Time: 8:00

The Bike: 112 Miles

2016 Time: 6:50:36 — 16.37 mph

2017 Projected Time: 6:07:13 — 18.3 mph

Transition 2: 

2016 Time: 5:45

2017 Projected Time: 4:30

The Run: 26.2 miles

2016 Time: 4:10 — 9:32/mile

2017 Projected Time: 3:40 — 8:25/mile

Total Time: 

2016 Time: 12:31:58

2017 Projected Time: 11:12:30

My goal isn’t to chase time by any means, and I don’t want to get upset if things aren’t going as planned. In the end, I want to have fun, smile and high-five the fans (especially all of my friends and family coming out!) and feel good when I finish. Here goes nothing!


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July 24, 2017

Door County Half Ironman: Run Recap


Transition 2: 1:42

Nothing exciting happened in T2 besides a much needed bathroom stop before I quickly changed into my running shoes and was off!

The 13.1 mile run course took participants north to the Egg Harbor Dock, up Harbor Heights Road, through the village of Egg Harbor, up the infamous Bluff Pass Road (200 foot climb in 1/2 mile), and through the stacked stone fences of Horseshoe Bay Golf Course before a downhill descent to the finish line.

I wanted to run a negative split (don’t we all) on this run, but also knew I would be starting off faster than I normally would to meet a goal time of mine. The first six miles FLEW by, and before I knew it I was approaching the first decently sized hill.

Mile 1: 7:40

Mile 2: 7:45

Mile 3: 7:39

Mile 4: 7:48

Mile 5: 7:37

Mile 6: 7:49

After catching my breath, I kicked up the pace a little bit more until I hit the bluff at mile 10, in which 99.9% of the people walked up, including myself.

Mile 7: 7:34

Mile 8: 7:33

Mile 9: 7:13

Mile 10: 8:23 <—- Bluff 

After the bluff, I knew I only had three miles to go and used every ounce of energy I had left in the tank to reach the finish line.

Mile 11: 6:59

Mile 12: 7:02

Mile 13: 6:44

I stuck to my plan of using BASE Salt every mile, drinking a sip of water or Gatorade at every aid station, and taking a gel 30 and 60 minutes in on the run. Overall, I felt really great and am happy with my run time and overall time in Door County. Besides the swim being out of anyone’s control, it was a well run race and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Run Time: 1:37:53 ~ 7:31/mile

Overall Time: 4:45:48

Division Place: 2/41

Sex Place: 7/280


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