September 5, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin: Race Week is HERE

It’s go time! Race week is HERE and we are ready to rock ‘n’ roll! Nothing huge on the training agenda this week besides keeping the body fresh and relaxed as much as possible. I met with my coach on Sunday to go through my game plan (I will share some details on Friday) and strategy for September 10th, so that helped ease my mind a bit. Nothing to do now but to mentally prepare for what’s to come! 

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August 28, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin Training: Week 32


It’s hard to believe Ironman Wisconsin is less than two weeks away! I am trying to keep myself from wandering to or any Ironman Wisconsin Facebook groups to keep my mind at ease, which is way easier said than done. The weather has been very fall-like lately, which makes me bummed that summer is nearly over, but I’ll take the cooler temps come race day for sure!

Last week we started our taper, which honestly didn’t feel like too much of a taper at all.


  • 30 minute water jog/recovery


  • 60 minute pool swim ~3,050 yards
  • 45 minute strength
    • 3 rounds: 
      1. 20 med ball russian twists
      2. 20 med ball squats
      3. 20 side plank leg lifts (10/side)
      4. 8 front to reverse lunges/leg w/10lb weight
      5. 3×3 hand release pushups, tricep pushups

      3 rounds:
      20 air squats
      20 banded glute kickbacks per leg
      20 banded hamstring curls
      20 glute bridges

      1 minute plank push up walks, :30 rest
      1 minute plank position walks, :30 rest
      1 minute shoulder and knee tap planks, :30 rest


  • 2 hour bike~ 35 miles
  • 25 minute run ~ 3.14 miles


  • 60 minute swim ~ 3,000 yards


  • 2 hour run ~ 15 miles


  • 4 hour bike ~ 70 miles


  • 40 minute swim ~ 2,100 yards
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