July 25, 2016

Ironman WI Training: 7 Weeks Out!


July 18-24 Workouts

IMG_35541 (1)


  • Crossfit
    • -Fight Gone Bad- 3 rounds for reps. One minute of each movement.
      • Wall-balls #14
      • Sumo deadlift high-pull #55
      • Box jumps  20″
      • Push-press #55
      • Row (calories)
      • 1-minute rest


  • Brick Workout
    • Bike 2 hours ~33 miles
    • Run 20 minutes ~2.35 miles


  • 90 minute heated run ~11 miles


  • 50 minute swim~ 2400 yards


  • 50 minute slow run ~5.5 miles


  • 30 minute bike check
  • 10 minute run


  • Chisago, MN Half Ironman!

Recap of the Half Ironman coming soon, it was an awesome day!


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July 22, 2016

Blog Survey!


I saw this survey over on Fitnessista’s blog, and thought I’d join in! It’s always fun to read these on other blogs, and I’d love if you answered some of these questions in the comments section too!

Random blog survey

Guilty pleasure: Dairy Queen Bizzards- peanut butter cup combined with Oreo…magic, people.

Fave show to watch: I don’t necessarily watch a lot of TV shows but I do like Modern Family and Fixer Upper!

Favorite healthy eats: Chopped salads, cauliflower rice and protein smoothies.

Favorite treat: Pizza! Or a big burger with fries and a beer 😉

What supplements do you take: I’m semi embarrassed to admit this, but I take a Flintstones multivitamin (my doctor highly recommended it!). I also take ProBiota 12 probiotic capsules.

Workout love: Right now, it’s all about triathlon training, but I still love CrossFit!


Celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds. Justin Timberlake. Scott Eastwood.

Fave thing in your makeup drawer: Benefits Cosmetics Gimme Brow – love this, especially for my very very light blonde eyebrows!

Health or fitness tip you’d share: Moderation is key! Eat whole, healthy and nutritious foods. Nutrition is 90% of the battle!

Where do you buy your workout clothes: Lululemon and Target are my go to!

Ideal date night: Grabbing happy hour drinks, trying out a new restaurant Madison has to offer and heading back home for a movie on the couch. PARTY!


Nail color: OPI Bubble Bath

Wearing: Lululemon capris, Lagunitas brewery sweatshirt

Favorite cocktail: A really good homemade margarita, gin and tonic with a lime, or champagne.


Favorite workout jam: Just Like Fire by Pink. And I usually don’t even like Pink!

Bachelor or Bachelorette: I actually dislike both but Scott likes to watch (should I be concerned?), so I always get sucked in. If I had to pick one, probably Bachelor.

Hidden talent: I am really good at taste testing beer. That might not be a talent, and it definitely might not be hidden…


If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go? So many places…Greece, Iceland, Thailand, Banff National Park, Lake Tahoe, the list goes on!

Your turn! Answer a few questions above!


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