December 22, 2014

Christmas in Chicago

Wow, what a weekend! Remember that 12 Days of Christmas WOD I was telling you about on Friday? It ended up being a killer. Girls were supposed to use a 95 pound bar (!!!) for numbers 1,3,7, and 12 but since I am still new to the moves (and I’m weak), I stuck with a pretty light weight of 45 pounds.

12 Days of Christmas WOD

Do the number of reps for each day then go through each day you have already completed before moving on to the next day. For example, for day 5: 5 box jumps, 4 burpees, 3 front squats, 2 handstand pushups, 1 power snatch.

  1. Power Snatch
  2. Handstand Pushups/Wall Walks
  3. Front Squats
  4. Burpees
  5. Box Jumps
  6. Pull Ups
  7. Deadlifts
  8. Wall Balls
  9. Sit-ups
  10. Kettle Bell Swings
  11. Jumping Air Squats
  12. Clean and Jerks

The wall walks were definitely the hardest and each time I prayed not to fall on my face. Scott and I both ended up finishing around the 40 minute mark and it was a great way to kick off our Saturday!

I’ve seen a lot of 12 Days of Christmas workouts going around the web, so I thought I would share one I created last year. For this workout, go through entire set starting with 12 all the way down to 1 and repeat 3 total times.


After we got our butts kicked, Scott and I headed down to Chicago to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. We met at my brothers condo in the city and opened gifts before my mom surprised us with dinner and a show downtown. Catch 35 is a restaurant known for its premium seafood and steak and prides itself in bringing ocean fresh to Chicagoland with seasonal offerings like Alaskan Halibut or Georges Bank Block Island Swordfish. I wanted to try everything on the menu, but ended up choosing the Chilean Sea Bass with Hawaiian ginger scallion sauce. It was to die for!


After we were finished with dinner, we walked a few short blocks to the Chicago Theater to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze! The holiday show had over 300 costumes including snowmen, penguins, angels, reindeer, toy soldiers, gingerbread men and Santa and included 20 acts and 30 artists (many of which have been featured on America’s Got Talent and similar TV shows).


It really reminded me of the Cirque du Soleil “Love” show we went to in Vegas last year, and I loved every second of it! The show is touring all around the U.S. right now, and I highly recommend checking it out. Unfortunately, the photos outside didn’t turn out too well, and this was the best one we ended up leaving with. All of our spouses and my aunt came as well!


Sunday we spent a few hours at my dads for a Christmas lunch until it was time to head back to Madison. We all had such a great time in the city and I am so happy I got to celebrate Christmas with my family this year, even if it was a week early!

Did you go to/are you going to any Christmas shows this year?

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December 19, 2014

Favorite Interview Questions

Friday! It’s here! Who else is doing the happy dance? Boy, have we (and I am sure all of you) been busy around here. This weekend Scott and I are headed to Chicago to spend Christmas with my family and I am more than excited! My mom is surprising us with with plans in the city (I tried to get it out of her last night, but she wouldn’t budge) so I will have to report back to you next week :)

We won’t be heading out until tomorrow, so Scott and I will have time to squeeze one more workout in before we hit the road. The WOD looks terrifying and it doesn’t even list what we are doing. Pray for us.


In other totally nonrelatable news, I recently came across an interesting article that asked some of the most successful CEOs and executives what their favorite interview questions were when meeting with a potential employee. While some prefer to ask more serious questions, others believe that silly queries about costumes and the zombie apocalypse, for instance, best uncover an applicant’s creativity. You can read the full article herebut I pulled some of my favorite questions out of the bunch with some short answers from myself.

What didn’t you get a chance to include on your résumé?

I would probably talk about my blog or other fitness goals that I’ve accomplished over the past years.

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Ha…still thinking about this one.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Maddie jumping on my face. Kidding…I’d probably say something about gratitude and being thankful to even have another (healthy) day to wake up and get out of bed.

What was the last costume you wore?

That’s easy…Uncle Gary from Ew Girl/Jimmy Fallon. Although, I would probably be embarrassed if he or she asked to see a photo

Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?

Every Marathon I’ve completed I felt this way. It’s all mental and attitude is everything.


And that’s all I’ve got for today. Have a great weekend!

How would you answer one of the questions above? 

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