March 27, 2015

Orlando Recap #2

Day three started off with a morning at the spa. Throughout our trip, we got to choose three different events or excursions to take part of. Options included a trip to one of the many theme parks in Orlando, ATVing, indoor skydiving, golfing, kayaking, and many many more. You could also choose to spend some time at the Ritz Carlton Spa enjoying a facial, manicure+pedicure, or massage. Since I was still technically working on the trip, I couldn’t be gone for an entire day, so I chose to do a different spa service each day! My first appointment was the manicure and pedicure and it was fabulous.


Included with your spa treatment was access to a private, peaceful pool where you could lounge as long as you wanted before and after your appointment. (Photo credit from the Ritz Carlton website as cameras were prohibited in the spa for obvious reasons).

While Scott was at Universal Studios for the day, I ordered room service and worked in our room for a bit until he returned (rough life). We spent some time at the pool together before getting ready for another fun night!


Scott’s employer hosted a tailgate themed event on the Ritz Carlton grounds and I loved the laid back atmosphere. It was so fun to see who everyone’s favorite teams were too!


They also brought in about 10 food trucks offering a variety of food including oysters, bbq ribs, burgers and brats, clam chowder and taco salad.

orlando1 orlando4

I couldn’t get over how cute all of the food trucks were! 


Activities were scattered throughout the lawn including basketball, cornhole, zip-lining and a duck hunting game. Can you tell I’ve never shot a gun before? Haha, I love the look on Scott’s face!


The night ended with the Party Crashers band and they did not disappoint! They had so much energy and played for hours. Throughout their performance they took a five minute break for our very own fireworks show. So cool!


And we danced and sang the night away!


The next morning was my second spa experience– a massage! It was 50 minutes of pure bliss as I knew it would be. Most of the day was spent working and taking breaks by the pool and the night was spent with some of Scott’s coworkers in his district. We decided to head towards the Universal City Walk to check out some restaurants and walk around for the evening.


Scott’s manager is a huge fan of NBA so we chose to eat at NBA City for dinner. The food was just okay but the company was great and so was the atmosphere! 


Some other groups were in the area too so we all met up at Pat O’Briens– a fun dueling pianos bar. We stayed there for quite some time before catching our bus back to the hotel and called it a night!


Have you been to Orlando? What was your favorite thing you did there? 

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March 25, 2015

Orlando Recap #1

After a fun weekend spent in St. Pete Beach, it was time to head to Orlando! Every year Scott’s work celebrates and honors their hard-working employees for meeting specific goals by taking them and their spouses on a trip. Our first trip with the company was to Hawaii (where we got engaged!) which was absolutely amazing, and I knew this would be no different. It’s not easy meeting the qualifications and goals for the trip, so not everyone gets to go– I am so proud of Scott for his hard work!

We arrived at The Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes on Sunday and got wind that the Cleveland Cavaliers had been staying at the hotel all weekend but were leaving the day we arrived for a game in Orlando. Bummed that we had just missed LeBron James, we headed towards the elevator to find our room. As the elevator doors opened, LeBron James walked out right before our very eyes as we walked in to replace him! Needless to say, our trip was off to a great start.

Our room was absolutely gorgeous and very spacious yet cozy at the same time.


The views from the balcony weren’t too shabby either.


We got ourselves unpacked, grabbed some lunch at the poolside restaurant and chatted with some friends before heading back up to the room to get ready for the night!


Scott’s company hosted a casual get together with drinks and plenty of food stations set up outside accompanied by a live acoustic band. It was a beautiful evening and it was so great to catch up with some old friends we haven’t seen in a while.


The event lasted from 6:30-9:30 and since everyone was arriving at different times, you could come and go as you pleased. Still tired from the weekend and knowing we had to get up early the next morning, we made it a semi early night.


The next morning we attended an awards ceremony for a few hours in the morning that lasted until about 11AM. Afterward, Scott headed out to golf while I attended a free outdoor bootcamp style class the hotel offered. It was pretty hot so we took it easy, but it was still a good workout!

That night we had the option of doing whatever we wanted so we got together with some friends and rented a limo to take us around Orlando!


The plan was to stop at different places in and around Orlando, but we were having so much fun on the limo that we hardly stopped anywhere!


Except for dinner of course :) We ended up at a sushi and hibachi grill, ordered way too many sake bombs, and were definitely way too loud.


After dinner we headed back to one of the hotel restaurants, Highball and Harvest, for a few more drinks. I guess we weren’t the only ones with the idea because we saw several other groups there too! It ended up being a pretty late night, but a really fun one! 

cm9 cm10

Recap #2 coming soon!

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