August 22, 2016

Ironman WI Training: 3 Weeks Out and Update


It’s been about a week and a half since I heard the news about my back and think I finally know what is going on with it! I went to a second chiropractor who specializes in ART (active release techniques applying movement based massage and deep stretching that treats problems with muscles) and he took a look at my scans. Turns out he didn’t think it was a fracture at all because the angle the x-ray that was originally taken could’ve just been an overlap of a bone looking like a fracture. He suggested I still make an appointment with an Orthopedic to get a more detailed scan, which I did, and..NO fracture! Woo! Both the Orthopedic and Chiropractor believe that I have iliopsoas and/or piriformis syndrome which is caused by a shortening or tightening of the muscle which can occur when someone increases their training load, sits for too long (in general or on the bike) and runs often. So, good news is I don’t have a fracture. Bad news is, I still can’t run. I am working with the Chiropractor weekly, stretching and icing a ton, and taking some anti-inflammatory meds my doctor prescribed so now all I can really do is wait and rest up! 

 I still have been biking and swimming (that doesn’t seem to make the injury worse or better) but did have to miss out on one of my favorite half marathons this weekend, the Madison Mini. 


Loved cheering from the sidelines though! 🙂

August 15-21 Workouts


  • Rest


  • Open water swim 50 minutes~ 2,525 yards



  • Bike 60 minutes~ 17 miles


  • Open water swim 50 minutes~ 2,200 yards


  • Bike 2:30~ 43 miles


  • Rest


  • Open water swim 60 minutes~ 3,526 yards
  • Bike full Ironman course ~ 112 miles


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August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites


Friday!!!!! Let’s talk about some favorites!

This cute little decoration for my desk that my mom got me. True statement.


Adora Calcium Chocolate Supplements

Adora Calcium Supplements were introduced to the world in 2006, and designed so that two delicious disks a day provide 100% of the DV of calcium. Made with only organic dark and milk chocolate these babies contain vitamin D3 for improved calcium absorption and taste delicious. I enjoy them dipped in peanut butter (obviously).


My hilarious and supportive friends and family. I got this card in the mail the other day and laughed…a whole lot.


Gorgeous sunrises during open water swim. As much as I haaaate waking up at 4:25, I never regret a swim once I am in the water watching that beautiful sun come up over the lake. Talk about kicking off the day on a high note!


Chocolate Chip Oreos

Don’t go shopping after a 100 mile bike ride and expect not to want to buy all of the carbs you can possibly fit into your cart– good and bad. These things are unreal!


James Bay and his Need the Sun to Break song. His whole CD is worth taking a listen.


Runners up include:

  • – The new Nike commercial with Madonna, the 86 yeard old nun 
  • -Whole Foods hot bar
  • -Yin Yoga
  • -Donuts
  • -Olympic Steeplechase. I didn’t even know this was a thing!
  • Halo Top ice cream
  • -Sloths
  • -Friends and family visiting this whole weekend (!!)

What’s on tap this weekend? Any favorites? 




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