May 25, 2016

A Day in Minneapolis


Last weekend went by SO fast and I left feeling like I needed at least two more full days exploring the Twin Cities with my buddies when Sunday rolled around.


A few months back, I had this idea of traveling to Minneapolis to stay at my sister-in-laws place with some college girlfriends and I am so glad we made it happen! I’ve always heard about the great breweries and patios in the city, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect to check a lot of them out.


We started out at Bauhaus Brew Labs, which had a variety of beers on tap including: Wonderstuff Neü Bohemian Pilsner, Wagon Party West Coast Lager, Stargrazer German Style Schwarzbier, Sky-Five! Midwest Cöast IPA, and Das Homeguys Helles. The Sky-Five and West Coast Lager were delicious!


The brewery also had the parking lot blocked off for an event that offered live music, food trucks (I had the best sliders ever!) and fab people watching.


Our next stop was Indeed Brewing Co., just a short walk down the road.  Nestled alongside the train tracks in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Indeed is a full-scale production brewery with two taprooms and some seriously delicious beer.


We stayed for a few beers (I particularly loved the LSD Honey Ale and Shenanigans Summer Ale!) and enjoyed some sunshine in their outdoor area before deciding to head towards uptown for the evening.

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We decided on Cowboy Slim’s because of its amazing rooftop (and killer happy hour) and ended up staying there the remainder of the evening until my grandma self kicked in around 10pm and wanted nothing more than sleep.


I can’t wait to head back to the Twin Cities to explore the many many more breweries the beautiful area has to offer!

Have you ever been to the Twin Cities? Any favorite breweries?



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May 23, 2016

Ironman WI Training: Week 20


“Mondays are rough after such a fun weekend!!! Dayum” -Direct quote from my friend, Kat…and I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Full recap of our time in Minnesota on Wednesday which involved several breweries, patios and lovin’ on friends!


The weather was great last week and weekend for running and biking outside, and I definitely took advantage.

May 16- May 22 Workouts:


  • Rest Day


  • Swim 75 minutes: 3,100 yards
  • CrossFit
    • -WOD #1
      • For Time: “Grace” : 30 Clean and Jerks (I used #85)
    • -WOD #2
      • 12 min EMOM: 5 ring dips and 5 ring rows, 5 split jerks
    • -WOD #3
      • Partner WOD 18 min AMRAP
        Buprees, G20S (25/15), Box Jumps (24)
        Alternating each rep


  • Run 30 minutes: Heart Rate Testing
  • CrossFit
    • -Strength: Front Squat (6×3) working up to #125
      Squat Clean (5×2) working up to #95
    • -WOD: 7 minute AMRAP of: 
      • 7 deadlifts @ #155
      • 5 chest to bar pullups


  • Swim 60 minutes: 2,500 yards
  • Bike 60 minutes: 16 miles


  • Brick Workout:
    • Bike 2:30 hours: 40 miles
    • Run 25 minutes: 3.37 miles


  • Run 1:35 minutes: 12 miles


  • Bike 35 minutes: 10 miles (was planning on 60 minutes but got a flat tire!)

How was your weekend? Did you spend any of it outside?

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